Aston Martin’s 2 Million Dollar Baby

Aston Martin One-77 - Action

Chances are, most people will only ever get a chance to see this beauty in pictures. Why you ask? Only 77 will ever be built. Hence, the model name: One-77.

If you are a person of status searching for something uber-exclusive like the Aston Martin One-77, you would only need to cough up (approx.) $2,000,000 US Dollars. OK, so you would need to cough up your intestines along with it.

Powered by a 7.3 litre 750hp V12 engine which has been co-developed with Cosworth, an automotive engineering firm that has a rich history and loads of experience in developing racing engines for F1 & the World Rally Championship to name a few, the One-77 is expected to hit 0-60mph in less than 3.5 seconds. Top speed is also believed to exceed the 200mph mark. Bugatti, here I come! In order to achieve such figures, the whole internal tub was made from carbon fiber, keeping the weight down to a minimal.

Aston Martin One-77

Each of the 77 cars will be delivered to each owners individual taste, along with individualized suspension settings to suit the driving style of the lucky rich.

Check out the video below which shows the exquisite detail crafted by Aston engineers & designers; also, have a listen to the unique sound of the engine. Mind blowing!

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One Comment on “Aston Martin’s 2 Million Dollar Baby”

  1. DrK Says:

    Customized suspension! THATs almost worth the 2mil, still, I mean thats awesome!

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