More Ferrari 458 Italia!


Some new 458 Italia interior & exterior shots have been released by Ferrari ahead of the official launch at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

italia rear

The car obviously has loads of aerodynamic upgrades, but I’m not quite sure how I feel about the triple-exhaust tips. Definitely a different design cue but I’m sure I’ll learn to appreciate it with time.


The interior is a huge step forward in terms of simplicity and material finishings, somewhat futuristic. I can’t wait to see what interior colors and options (i.e. carbon fiber, two tone leather) will be available at launch!


Look closely and you’ll realize that the steering wheel now houses the turn signals, “manettino” (chasis settings) switch, headlamps and windshield wiper controls along with the ignition /  push-start button. That’s a little crazy! Guess Ferrari wants its customers hands on the wheel at all times… just hope they don’t get confused.

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5 Comments on “More Ferrari 458 Italia!”

  1. DrK Says:

    Its been a while since Ive really wanted a Ferrari, I mean since I was a kid… now I REALLY WANT ONE. This one.

  2. Tarek S. Says:

    no yokes! they were kind of flimzy :s how distracted is the driver going to be, one would have to re-train themselves on how to use the turn signals, unless you are a bike rider :O everything on the steering bar lol

  3. aaa Says:

    nice blog, keep it up

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