Gemballa Mistrale Concept

Gemballa Front White

The crazy Germans are back and I’m loving it! Why? I might get a lot of heat for saying this but from what I’ve seen so far, the Porsche Panamera is one ugly duckling. Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings but this car needed to be saved. I will be the first to admit though that maybe I would change my mind once I see it in person. A lot of people are torn on this subject… I even blogged about it in a previous POST and it started a riot! OK, I’m exaggerating – a nice cozy heated discussion.

Anyways, I found out that long-time Porsche tuner Gemballa had gotten its hands on the Panamera and have been preparing a modified version for the Frankfurt Motor Show. Gemballa have worked miracles in the past and I was not about to doubt their capabilities at this point. What I found was quite impressive.

Gemballa Mistrale Blue

The Mistrale is much more visually appealing. It has an aggressive stance with the car sitting on 22-inch rims. I believe owners can pick and choose from a reprogrammed air suspension or a coilover kit for the more hardcore enthusiast. Upgraded front & rear brakes are also a part of the mix.

The body is where most of the dramatic changes have taken place. The front end is aggressive in all the right places thanks to the hood vents and intake scoops. The fenders have been extended increasing track width. The rear is what really hit home with the housing of the rear diffuser and exhaust pipes.

Gemballa Mistrale Rear

Engine upgrades & figures will be released at the show. Be expecting this upgrade to cost a bit of a fortune as Gemballa conversions are not usually cheap. If quality and design are what you are after and you just placed an order for a Panamera, it might be the right time to research some beautification options.

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One Comment on “Gemballa Mistrale Concept”

  1. bu ziad Says:

    as i said before.. porsche is like sex, even when its bad its good :p

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