The Battle @ Nurburgring


You read that correctly… no need to pick up your favorite reading spectacles to confirm it. Actually, the topic I want to discuss here is old news. The reason why I bring it up is because the battle still continues at Nurburgring. Nissan had invaded Porsche’s territory by conquering the legendary Nurburgring circuit with an official lap time of 7 min 29 sec (video below). Porsche then objected to the legitimacy of the lap time stating that Nissan engineers tweaked the car’s tires, suspension and engine settings meaning the car was not in “stock” form. Why Porsche has taken it personal is not only because Nissan set the 911 Turbo as its’ main rival, but because they clearly want to destroy all Porsche records set on the circuit. Porsche’s best official lap times were set by the Carrera GT (7 min 28 sec) and the GT2 (7 min 32 sec). The Japanese have comfortably set themselves up in the time slot between the two. Now Porsche is even more threatened with the launch of the Skyline GT-R SpecV which promises to be significantly faster around any track than its sibling.

You see, manufacturer’s love the Nurburgring because it gives them bragging rights. The track is phenomenal and is known particularly for it’s constant elevation changes, demanding long sweeping corners, rough changing surfaces of asphalt and concrete and last but not least, the sheer size of the track: 20.8 kilometers with 181 turns. Can you imagine the concentration & focus needed to tackle such a course?!

I read somewhere that it was estimated that anywhere between 3 to 12 fatalities occur every year at the “ring”. Sad but people should realize that this it’s not a normal track. Niki Lauda, F1 legend, almost burned to death in a horrific accident there. It was such a frightening track that another F1 master, Sir Jackie Stewart, coined it the “Green Hell”.

Back to the battle at hand, Porsche now claims that it’s 4 door Panamera Turbo will lap the Nurburgring in 7.56. That is crazy for a 4-door car! On top of this, Porsche just released it’s new 911 GT3 and they believe that it will be capable of breaking the 7.29 mark. This is getting good people, and I’m sure for these two manufacturers, it’s getting personal. Let the battle continue!

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2 Comments on “The Battle @ Nurburgring”

  1. aaa Says:

    i love the whole porsche vs nissan rivalry that has just popped up out of nowhere!

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