Porsche 911 Sport Classic


The Stuttgart automaker has been quite busy these past few weeks prepping for the Frankfurt Motor Show. The GT3-RS was launched and now this beauty, the Porsche 911 Sport Classic. Only 250 will ever be built aimed at the true Porsche enthusiast. The Sport Classic will use a detuned version of the 3.8 liter engine used in the GT3-RS with an output of 408 horsepower. Porsche promises that the exhausts will have a distinctive sound compared to its other models.


A few retro touches are instantly spotted by the eye such as the retro wheels and the front lip spoiler. The Sport Classic uses the Carrera 4S wide body, however, the car will only be available in rear-wheel drive. The “ducktail” rear wing is reminiscent of the 1973 Carrera 2.7 RS. The only exterior color available will be the Sport Classic Grey shown here.


The interior is a work of art. Porsche have coined this leather color scheme the Espresso Nature. A first on this model is the use of woven leather, along with the alcantara headliner which just adds such a sweet touch to the retro ambiance.

I’m in love! Hats off to Porsche.

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11 Comments on “Porsche 911 Sport Classic”

  1. Tarek S. Says:

    F*** me running! Pure nostalgia as you duly mentioned, from the infamous duck tail (first used on the 2.7RS) and the timeless Fuch’s… all i can say is “jizz in my pants” BTW i beleive this is the model created to commemorate Ferry (not his father Ferdinand) Porsche’s 100 year b-day (if he was still alive), which is 19 September.

  2. el wehbi Says:

    Besides the profanity, thanks for the additional info 🙂

  3. Silver Says:

    il sayara raw3aa mashalaa.. killshay feeha 7ilow oo style ila il ringaat!!! … shal ringatt??? chnhum rngat camaro qadeem .. old fasion rimz ;p

    Overall its a nice car .. oo mashkor 3al site il 7ilow oo ya36eek el 3afya 3ala majhoodek il 6ayeb… menziman wana an6er blog q8y 3an sayarat ;D

    • el wehbi Says:

      7ayak Allah Silver and thanks for the kind words! Hopefully the blog will only get better from here 🙂 Thanks for passing by… and you’re right, the rims are killer!

  4. A Says:

    brilliant car classic looks with modern technology and i like the rims it adds to the classic look.

    • el wehbi Says:

      They’ve achieved a balance of brilliance with this car. From the exterior, particularly the duck-tail wing and rims, to the “espresso nature” interior, Porsche really has a hit on its hands.

  5. bu ziad Says:

    love it!

  6. T.Pain Says:

    That’s that hot fire right there!

  7. HAMAD Says:

    aaaaaaakh galbe !!
    wana ba3ad so in love with this car .. actually elwekala ebkoberha am in love with ;P

    el wehbi .. mashkoor 3ala daghdaghat masha3rey ebhal post 😉 heheh

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