Japanese Drifting

Got to love the Japanese! They’re so bubbly and passionate. They love their cameras. They love their technology. They love their raw fish. They love their Manga Anime. But they seem to love racing their cars sideways even more! Hence the creation of  “drifting”. What’s this you ask? Wikipedia defines drifting as “when the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels through turns, while preserving vehicle control and a high exit speed.” Sounds easy peasy Japa… uh… I mean, simple when you read it, but it’s not. In a nutshell, it’s racing with the aim of losing control to gain control. A confusing concept initially, but fun fun fun to watch!

First video is a compilation of  drifters working their magic.

This next video is a “Touge” (pronounced tōge) or “mountain pass” racing video. The Japanese find narrow and curvy mountain roads where they drift and race their cars while tailgating each other. The objective is to pass or stay as close to your opponent without wiping out. Awesome stuff! I should mention that many people think drifting and touge racing are the same thing, however they aren’t. Drifting is a style of racing while touge is where races may take place. Togue races can also be traditional (i.e. cutting the apex, following the racing line) in style.

Another touge video. Enjoy!

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11 Comments on “Japanese Drifting”

  1. aaa Says:

    you realize that drifting is man’s answer to synchronized swimming. amazing video’s, gotta love them japs!

  2. Marzouq Says:

    I wish I had 1/4 of those skills!!! Seriously fantastic! I need to develop those skills!

    • el wehbi Says:

      definitely wish i had those skills… might need the bank account to accompany them though as i’d most probably end up going through tires like I consume water!

  3. bu ziad Says:

    really cool videos.. check out crazy saudis drifting on the highway between cars and trucks! pay special attention at the 57th second. enjoy 🙂

  4. aaa Says:

    yeah saudi’s are really into drifting as well, but have you noticed how subtle the japanese drifting is compared to the hardcore drifting of the arabs/saudis? hehe amazing

  5. el wehbi Says:

    Thanks to Bu Ziad for the video and AAA for the comment, I think I just came up with something to post about ;)Be on the look out in a few days time!

  6. bu ziad Says:

    guys u gota see this.. its a new sport, not sure what its called, but it involves cars! enjoy 🙂

    • el wehbi Says:

      I saw this a while back and couldn’t stop cracking up! Crazy what these guys come up with. They should call it “Syncronized Automotive In3al Skating”. Anyone else want to take a crack at naming it?

      Thanks Bu Ziad!!!!

  7. DrK Says:

    Very nice, gotta love the initial D obsessions. The arab “drifiting” isnt really drifting since they use FWD cars, I dono what to call it, but its pretty crazy, I must say.

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