Panicky females riding shotgun

Gathered a few clips off of Youtube which I thought were hilarious. Each video consists of a male driver taking a female passenger for a joy ride in a race car.

First up is a great one of Kazuhiro Tanaka, a professional drifting race car driver, taking a pit model for a ride. Watch how she freaks out!

I thought this lady was going to have a heart attack… her facial expressions are priceless lol

My favorite clip!!!! Riccardo Patrese, former F1 driver, calmly takes his wife out for a lap… but the best part about it is that she has no idea she’s being filmed!

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4 Comments on “Panicky females riding shotgun”

  1. aaa Says:

    hahaha hilarious stuff, i like the Riccardo Patrese clip as well.

  2. Marzouq Says:

    hahahaha! The Riccardo clip was by far the best! hahahahaha!

  3. el wehbi Says:

    The best part of it all was the mischievous look on his face lol

  4. T.Pain Says:

    Patrese in the Civic was great!

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