Food fit for rallying legends

It seems that in the Gulf, our food regimen for rally car drivers differs just a tiny bit from the rest of the world. I wonder if Sebastien Loeb gets the same quality of nutrition?



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6 Comments on “Food fit for rallying legends”

  1. Marzouq Says:

    Seems like he took a nice break mid-rally! looool!

    Hani o 3afyah! Wain el Protien Shake! loool

    • el wehbi Says:

      in the second pic, he looks like he’s telling someone to do some work on the car while he eats… legendary stuff! lol

  2. T.Pain Says:

    Hey when its competition day, you just have to eat what you are comfortable with. Indigestion is not a word in his vocab.

  3. Boyousef Says:

    mashalaa he is going for full tank strategy . aham shy u feel good b4 a race bs madri 3n el tarkeez shakla ra7 eygayeb bl sebaq

  4. Akbar Says:

    If its cross country rally, I wonder how long would be his toilet breaks after eating a goat for lunch! Alonso would have driven around Kuwait thrice in that time… Interesting presentation of the food dish, its immaculate, they must sell Mandi in the middle of the desert huh?

    I always wondered what would be the reaction of people are served mandi with a fork and a knife…=)

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