Leakage! Audi RS5

audi rs5 front

The long-awaited Audi RS5 is almost here folks. It’s yet to be confirmed but the word going around is the car will have an output of approximately 450 hp courtesy of a high-revving V8. As always, be expecting the RS5 to deliver all this power through all four wheels using the Quattro system.

audi rs5 rear

The images prove that the car will have more of an aggressive stance than the regular model thanks to its flared fenders and arches. Will post an update once any official info hits the net. Until then, enjoy what you can get!

[Source: Carscoop]

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4 Comments on “Leakage! Audi RS5”

  1. Marzouq Says:

    I expected a little more from the RS5, something in the realm of the RS6!

    The color is nice though! But I think Matte Black is kind off done with now!

    • el wehbi Says:

      I think they used the matte black paint to dull its presence since it’s a test mule. What will mostly matter to me will be the performance numbers and to see how they will minimize any expected understeer.

  2. Venkat Says:

    audi rs5 is a great car to have. it looks so good.

  3. magnum73 Says:

    what a nice car.

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