BMW M3 frozen!

When I looked back at the title of this post, I realized that it may not be the most fitting… I myself thought for a split second that people might misinterpret it and think BMW was seizing production of the M3. Well my friends, take a sigh of relief because I’m actually talking about the paint scheme.


Like its older sibling, the M6 Competition, BMW has decided to dip the M3 into its wonderful new color scheme: Frozen Grey Metallic. And boy does it look good! This could very well be BMW’s equivalent of “bling”.


It will be available as part of the BMW Individual color catalog so be expecting to fork out some excess cash if you decide to add it to your checklist.


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6 Comments on “BMW M3 frozen!”

  1. Hamad Says:

    i like this color do u think its out yet ? Frozen Grey Metallic

    • el wehbi Says:

      This picture was taken at a dealership in Germany. I believe it’s already available for order. Don’t know if the dealers in the region are able to offer it as of yet.

      • Hamad Says:

        o ok well im in the US and im going to see if i can get the color i really like it. i wanna paint my car that color

  2. Marzouq Says:

    V10 + M3 = FTW!

  3. adaM3 Says:

    Its out in england yeah, was in Fawdingtons Newcastle
    two days ago and they have one in the show room. Its a beauty.

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