Launched! Lotus Exige Scura

Lotus Exige Scura front

Just when you thought Lotus couldn’t possibly create any more variants of the Lotus Exige, they manage to pull it off. This time, I must admit, they have nailed it! With it’s matte paint job and carbon fiber trim, the Scura looks like it’s ready for battle!

Lotus Exige Scura profile rear

The car you are looking at is the most powerful and exclusive lightweight car Lotus has ever produced. With 257 bhp and an overall weight of 925 kg, the power-to-weight ratio is borderline insanity. Just to make sure that the car had the necessary “oomph”, Lotus decided to use the Exige Cup racecar’s engine, along with its 8,000 rpm redline, which delivers a 0-100 km/h time of 4.1 seconds. Not so great with your launch technique, that’s ok… you’ll be able to nail those times consistently thanks to a launch control aid.

Lotus Exige Scura interior

There will only be 35 Scuras (to be named Stealth for the US market) ever built, making it quite the naughty track car purchase.

Lotus Exige Scura seats

[Source: Car Online]

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2 Comments on “Launched! Lotus Exige Scura”

  1. DrK Says:

    The paint job on this thing is something Ive only dreamt about. Soft to the touch! Resistent to chips and scratches, and MATTE!

    • el wehbi Says:

      You’re right because I forgot to highlight the technological aspect of this matte paint job. Apparently, matte sprays usually don’t have a resistance to chips and scratches because of the paint being not coated. This one though, is the opposite.

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