Performance Package upgrade for the AMG C63


If you’re a fan of the Mercedes AMG C63, prepare to be titillated!

AMG decided to infuse exotic touches to the C63 by adding pistons, crank rods, and a lightweight camshaft from the SLS AMG supercar parts bin. Some techno-geek at AMG got the order to squeeze more power out of the engine and remapped the software raising power output to 487 bhp (an increase of 30 bhp over the standard C63). 0 – 100 km/h is estimated to be 4.4 seconds. Since some C63 owners will want to run their cars on tracks, AMG engineers decided it would be wiser to throw in a brake upgrade too. Geniuses.

Some visual touches are the carbon fiber bootlid spoiler which I personally think adds a nice touch with the silver paint. In addition, the interior has been draped in Nappa leather and Alcantara suede. No price has been mentioned as of yet.

[Source: Mercedes, Autoblog]

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4 Comments on “Performance Package upgrade for the AMG C63”

  1. aaa Says:

    nice, if its not ridiculously priced! dont like the alcantara suede tho.

  2. aaa Says:

    i dont know, when i saw it i felt it looked a little cheap compared to the leather one. i have seen ones replacing the alcanatra with carbon fiber, but i could imagine that being way to slippery. the regular performance package which includes upgraded brakes, suspension, no speed limiter is for about 1500kd when you order the car. but this one you posted about has a horsepower upgrade as well, it might be somewhere between the normal performance package and the brabus package’s pricing i would imagine.

    • el wehbi Says:

      Agreed that the carbon fiber is probably not the best option, although the ones on the Lotus Exige Scura are ridiculously gorgeous. I didn’t know there was an upgrade package available for the C63 locally, thanks for the info!

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