Open wheeler meets the Abu Dhabi police force

If you weren’t impressed with the Abu Dhabi police department’s acquiring of a Nissan Skyline, be prepared to get blown away. The UAE has been known to be the master of PR in the region, meaning it knows how to put a spin on anything and you have to respect that!

To promote road safety in Abu Dhabi, the police force decided to showcase some of their cavalry. I had learned about the Skyline only recently, but I had no clue that they had a new Chevy Camaro, a custom Orange County Choppers (OCC) motorcycle dubbed “The Falcon”, and an open-wheel race car in full police gear (lights and sirens) called the F999 in their arsenal!

Thumbs up to the Abu Dhabi police for doing something different to raise awareness on the importance of road safety.

[Source: Abu Dhabi Police GHQ]

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One Comment on “Open wheeler meets the Abu Dhabi police force”

  1. bu ziad Says:

    i liked the idea of the skyline (and the camaro), but the chopper and the F999?? thats a bit too much! these people love to show off 😛

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