Tearjerker Alert! McLaren and Mercedes end SLR production

The end is near. McLaren and Mercedes have officially announced that they will be ceasing production of the SLR once the last few models are turned out of the factory.

5 variations have been produced over the 5-year lifespan of this exotic: the original SLR and the 722 SLR models in both coupe and convertible variants, and the Stirling Moss Edition (front in the pic above) which was available in one form only: HARDCORE!

It was only a matter of time before the relationship dissolved, especially considering that the two organizations parted ways on the Formula 1 front.

Will you miss it?

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3 Comments on “Tearjerker Alert! McLaren and Mercedes end SLR production”

  1. Marzouq Says:

    I’m curious to see the machines they singularly come up with and how they proceed.. I think they both got the most of their relationship.. its good they are leaving each other in good terms..

    I heard the new McLaren is half the price of the SLR around 60’000 KWD

    • el wehbi Says:

      Honestly Marzouq, I don’t think the partnership is being dissolved on good terms. Things went a bit sour after the McLaren F1 “Spygate” saga and it was never the same after that.

      In regards to the new McLaren’s pricing, I think it will probably be in the high 80,000 range. It is supposed to be pricier than a Ferrari 458 and the Lambo LP-560.

  2. 6are8 Says:

    Again; SLR, SLR Conv, SLR 722, SLR 722 Conv, SLR 722S, SLR SM edition… blah blah blah, same fugly design! i think that was just a little too much commercial gimmicks from the both of them, AND if the new McLaren is a result of that hollywood marriage, I say: Good riddance!
    and as a wise man once said: MC-REARAAAAAAN 😉

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