General Motors: Saab’s murderer!

The unfortunate news has come out that General Motors (GM) will be shutting down Saab operations immediately after unsuccessfully attempting to find a buyer for the Swedish brand. 3,400 people will be let go and a 1,100 worldwide dealer network will dissolve.

This is the harsh reality of how greed can destroy something so great! Saabs were cars with character. Turbocharged and efficient Swedish machines. Like Volvo, they too emphasized a great deal on safety, except they liked their cars to be sporty and perform as well.

GM purchased Saab, adding it to an already vast portfolio where it just wouldn’t fit in. The deal was fueled by money-hungry execs, who took the small guy (Saab) in and milked whatever value he had left in him, while leaving him with no clear strategy or vision. All they could offer him were platforms which didn’t add any value to the brand and a re-badged GMC Envoy. Thanks for nothing GM! R.I.P. Saab!

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2 Comments on “General Motors: Saab’s murderer!”

  1. bu z Says:

    too bad.. when i first went to college in the U.S. that particluar model (the one in the pic above) was a really cool car to own. it stood for sophistication, style, safety, and performance. i agree with el wehbi, GM did not any value to SAAB and its sad to see it go this way. so long 😦

  2. Marzouq Says:

    Thats what they do, they grew too much without being strategic about it! They didn’t even get rid of the extra baggage they had! Very sad!

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