Travis Pastrana flies his Subaru

Not quite flying… but he does jump across almost 250 feet of water breaking the world record for “longest rally car jump”! This is how Travis Pastrana kicks off his new year! Amazing!

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5 Comments on “Travis Pastrana flies his Subaru”

  1. Akbar Says:

    Crazy but surgical precission. Interesting to see the ramp has a slight curve to cushion his landing. Very cool and entertaining vid.

    • el wehbi Says:

      Glad you enjoyed it Akbar! Pastrana is one insane human being! The landing was perfect… even his somersault into the harbor was perfect lol

  2. Summer Says:


  3. Triple-A Says:

    insane, yet classic pastrana material! nitro circus is so entertaining.

  4. Akbar Says:

    He is a total freak, nut, lunatic yet very good at what he does! lol

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