REMINDER: Please submit your top 5-car garage picks

Hi everyone,

A few articles back, I posted my top 5-car garage picks based on the following categories:

  1. Supercar
  2. Track Car
  3. Classic Car
  4. Daily Driver
  5. SUV (4×4)

I was hoping many of you would submit your picks so I could possibly do a future write-up (if there is enough info) on some of the trends I found. Forward to friends and co-workers if you think they would be interested. Want to gather as much info as possible. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR PICKS IN THE COMMENT SECTION OF THE ARTICLE.

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6 Comments on “REMINDER: Please submit your top 5-car garage picks”

  1. Mohammed Says:

    1) Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren 722
    2) Ferrari 355
    3) Aston Martin DB5
    4) Aston Martin DBS
    5) Range Rover Autobiography Supercharged 2010

  2. Kuwaity Says:

    Super car: Carrera GT

    Track car: A Radical car (preferably British with Japanese engine!)

    Classic Car: Honda NSX

    DD: VW Phaeton

    SUV: Nissan Patrol (I don’t like SUVs, but at least I pick up a functional one)

    I’m just trying to be a real man in a real world, no dreams, all should be within my reach…at least I should own some of them.
    Also I should not forget to add the S2000, Elise, Tesla and some motorbikes next to the listed above or I will not be happy at all.

  3. el wehbi Says:

    Mohammed: Expensive taste! Was hoping you would have broken up your picks into the categories I listed. Unless you want a DBS as your daily driver lol

    Kuwaity: Real man in a real world with no dreams… I hope this post didn’t depress you lol

  4. Mohammed Says:

    daily driver in style, wouldnt mind to drive a DBS as a daily. Those are in order only numbered rather than categorized

  5. Salem Says:

    1. Zonda Cinque
    2. Lotus 2 eleven GT4
    3. Lamborghini Miura
    4. Porsche gt3 (well i know its not the best dd but i just had to have it… and i also have an suv to choose so…)
    5. Toyota Landcruizer

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