Bahrain adds some spice to its F1 layout

Original Bahrain International Circuit Layout

Bahrain will be hosting its 7th Formula 1 race this year on the 14th of March; it has the honors of being the inaugural race of the 2010 season. GPUpdate says that “turns 5 and 6 now becoming left and right-handers, turn 7 is a slower left before a tight double-right and two more new corners (right-left) lead the field back into the original Turn 7 – now a long Turn 12.”

New Bahrain International Circuit Layout

So all in all, there are now 22 total turns as opposed to the original layout’s 15. The total number of laps will also decrease as the the overall length of the track has increased from 5.4km to 6.3km.

[Source: GPUpdate]

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3 Comments on “Bahrain adds some spice to its F1 layout”

  1. bu z Says:

    i’ve driven on the new track last year during one of the open track days, it was the only time BIC used it during open track (as far as i know). it’s challenging and a lot of fun but it does put pressure on one’s car (brakes n tires etc..). anyhow, i can claim that i’ve driven on the new track before F1 drivers have 😛

  2. bu z Says:

    thats bcs u never come to open track 😛
    the layout was already there, they just never used it for the F1 race. during last Dec’s open track day, they used part of the new layout which they called “outer circuit” bcs after turn 9 (on your 2nd diagram) the track connects diectly to turn 20

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