Quote of note: Amedeo Felisa (CEO) of Ferrari

When asked if there was a fully-electric sports car planned at Ferrari, Amedeo Felisa (CEO) answered the following:

“If you look at global warming, the right solution is not full electric. It’s more a marketing solution than a real one, sound is just as important as design and performance for Ferrari. We will not make engine sounds with speakers.”

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7 Comments on “Quote of note: Amedeo Felisa (CEO) of Ferrari”

  1. Kuwaity Says:

    Electric cars are the future cars, specially for daily drives. Anyone with some background of electromechanical knowledge can’t deny that it is just possible, but expensive at the moment (Tesla?). People who don’t believe in this are honestly don’t know what is electricity. We will drive E cars in less than 15 years. As for sports cars (or bikes), I think it is just more fun to drive a car with pistons, noise, clutch, etc. and that’s what Italians love.
    Don’t forget that oil companies, governments, and car manufactures are the first enemy of electric cars!

    • el wehbi Says:

      I agree with a part of what you are saying, but I don’t think that fully-electric cars are necessarily feasible at this point in time. You have ultra-clean and efficient diesel cars which are just as efficient as the battery-powered vehicles, if not more. My only concern is when the world is using loads of electricity to charge these cars every once in a while, then utilizing the full life-span of these batteries, and then come to dump them with no real eco-solution as to how to re-use or recycle them, then that worries me.

      I think a mix of hybrid and conventional technology is the way for now, until we realize the full scope of what it means to nurture electric vehicle technology and how to dispose of electric vehicle waste. Readers?

      • Kuwaity Says:

        I already said that, at this time it is not feasible to be released. The main issue of the electric cars is the battery, but Battery technology is improving continuously not just in terms of electrochemical performance but also from environmental aspects, Remember Ni-Cd? Where are they?

        Don’t forget that we can use an open cycle battery (O2/H2 fuel cell) but the problem is the H2, which can be dangerous and difficult to safely store, transport, etc..

        Even though it is not feasible to make a full electric car today, it is still more efficient than hybrids and its batteries can be recycled properly. Blue diesels are very efficient (considering electric power generation from fossil fuels) but If we can produce all the electric power from renewable power sources then there is comparison.

        Also, electric cars are smoother, more responsive, far less complex, more reliable, more durable, requires less maintenance, etc. and very efficient in terms of the kinetic energy recovery.

        So electric cars are not good for GM, they manufacture three-car spare parts for every car sold (ex GM professor told me this!)

  2. el wehbi Says:


    Very interesting and quite valid points. There are numerous ways to look at this issue, and I think because it is all so new and a huge change of direction for automakers and consumers alike, it will take a bit of time to adopt the technology into our lives.

    My only concern with this new change in manufacturing and consumption, is the sustainability part. But I guess we will have to wait and see what happens with that.

    As far as GM goes, they have honestly been quite useless in recent times. As you mentioned, “electric cars are not good for GM”… what is? lol

    • Kuwaity Says:

      Probably it is new to customers (not me) but current cars can be manufactured as electric cars with minor modifications. The best current example is the Tesla roadster, the blue prints of this car is the Lotus Elise. The motor and the power electronics are so small that you get a lot of space for the battery pack.

      I think the best thing for GM is the Hybrids. These are more complex and can shut environment people mouths and sell more spare parts than ever 🙂

  3. el wehbi Says:

    I like the Tesla Roadster, even though it’s based on the Elise, it still manages to show off its own character. Would love to try one out! Have one on hand for me??

    Thanks for the great conversation. Learned a new thing or two 🙂

    • Kuwaity Says:

      Have one for you?! I need one for me!
      I was thinking alot about ordering one but the price is too high for a car that doesn’t have a dealer here.
      But Tesla Model S is just a perfet replacment for my Phaeton, I’ll wait and see what happens.

      Thanks and don’t forget to post about e-cars!

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