Ferrari 599XX

For those hardcore Ferrari owners & collectors – who have a few million to toss around – there is the FXX development program, where Ferrari cleverly uses its client base to test new technologies used in F1 which could carry over to production. The client purchases the car without without ever being able to take the car home; however, they have the chance to work closely with Ferrari engineers at dedicated track days providing feedback on the car’s performance and driving characteristics.

Now, I know the Ferrari 599XX is nothing new to many of you as it was launched last year in Geneva. But since only a handful of Ferrari owners (known as Client Test Drivers) will ever get the chance to get close to one, I thought it would  be great to share this Autocar test drive video with you. As the lucky Steve Sutcliffe says in the clip: “Absolutely chuffing marvelous!”

[Source: Autocar via Youtube]

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5 Comments on “Ferrari 599XX”

  1. ALT Says:

    the track day car of my dreams ……..

  2. Marzouq Says:

    Ready to Race machine! Damn Beautiful!

  3. bu-z Says:

    ALT, u aint that far from ur dreams 😉

  4. M Says:

    “Absolutely chuffing marvelous!”

  5. 8460820430 Says:

    amazing carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……………….

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