Independent renderings of the Porsche 928 rebirth


The Porsche 928 was a car that was created way ahead of its time in my opinion. Although the car stuck around for the better part of 18 years (1977-1995), it never really caught on with the masses. Technically, the car was setting standards in all sorts of ways. But expensive mechanicals and certain reliability issues hindered the sales performance of the GT.

I’m not one who likes to follow industry speculation, but every once in a while some renderings come out which interest me.ย The first one seems to be a true GT version without necessarily using any current Porsche model as its basis.

The second seems to capture many of the original model’s sloping roofline and design cues, using the new Panamera as its basis.

Which one do you prefer? Would you like to see a new 928?

[Renderings belong to independent artists – Wildspeed; Avarvarii]

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6 Comments on “Independent renderings of the Porsche 928 rebirth”

  1. Blizmo Says:

    I remember when I was playing Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed I hated the 928 the most ๐Ÿ˜›

    But the first model looks acceptable.

  2. bu ziad Says:

    the first

  3. iniesta Says:

    the second one
    why? because the first looks too much like all the current models of porsche and it looks like the designer just mixed and matched and thats what he came up with
    dont get me wrong, it looks good, but it has no character
    but isnt it too early for a 928 revival?
    i want a 924 revival! i love this car and i think it looks miles better than the 928 ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. NE Says:

    First, but its missing the wing!

  5. Marzouq Says:

    Now that is an interesting looking Porsche! I’m not sure they would come up with a machine such as this!

  6. HAMAD Says:

    i hate the old look ..
    but cant wait to see the new one .. wetha betkoon nafs hal last two pics .. am going for it inshalla ..

    lets wait and see ..

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