The greenest Ferrari of them all!

Labeled as a “vettura laboratorio” (Italian for experimental vehicle), Ferrari has officially unveiled its most eco-friendly Ferrari ever! The 599 HY-KERS.

Based on technology used in F1 last year, the HY-KERS uses energy (in the form of heat) derived under braking and stores it in the batteries. If the driver chooses to drive at a slow pace around town, the system has the capability of fully propelling the car without waking the 599’s lovely V12 beast.If the driver wants to flex some muscle, then the HY-KERS unit will work hand-in-hand with the V12 engine and add another 100 hp on top.

Is there a weight penalty for this type of technology? A mere 40 kg. Let me rephrase that: an environmentally responsible 40 kg.

[Image Source: Autoblog]

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One Comment on “The greenest Ferrari of them all!”

  1. Kuwaity Says:

    A step foeward!

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