Abu Dhabi Sport secure F1 2010 Coverage

Yesterday, I was furiously cycling through the Bahrain Sport channels searching for the F1 practice session in Bahrain. I was fuming when I couldn’t find it, as they had been quite unreliable in the past. So, I decided to search the internet for any details where I could watch it. To my surprise, the 2010 coverage was supposedly now in the hands of Abu Dhabi Sports.

Abu Dhabi Sports 2 will broadcast the races in Arabic on its free-to-air channel, as the FIAs prevents networks from airing the English feed on free-to-air satellite.

Abu Dhabi Sports 2 can be found on Nilesat frequency 11977 vertical, symbol rate 27500, FEC 56.

[Source: Yalla F1]

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15 Comments on “Abu Dhabi Sport secure F1 2010 Coverage”

  1. Hamoud Says:

    Good Lookin Out 😉

  2. Abdul Rahman Says:

    Thanks for the info. I missed the qualification cuz I didn’t know the channel broadcasting F1 2010 season. Thanks again.

  3. Marzouq Says:

    I’m slightly confused why would the FIA prevent them from airing in English? That seems odd

  4. el wehbi Says:

    Hamoud: Thanks!

    Abdul Rahman: Glad I could help!

    Marzouq: I think because people might stream it live on-line from the international channels instead of paying for it in English-speaking countries. I could be wrong though.

  5. Hamoud Says:

    Explanation Plese:

    How come the “BMW Sauber” team are running “Ferrari” engines???

  6. el wehbi Says:

    The reason why the Sauber team kept the BMW name is because they didn’t have time to change the name before the FIA deadline (from what I understand). They might try to do it some time during the season, but it would take a unanimous vote from all the F1 teams to do so.

    I think they just figured that it would be best to avoid the headache. Ferrari doesn’t really care… why? BMW Sauber are paying for those engines; it’s not some sort of partnership.

    Hope that helps!

  7. Dave Says:

    What channel is broadcasting F1 in english in Abu Dhabi? I do not understand why it is such a painful experience every year to find such simple information.

    • el wehbi Says:

      Hi Dave:

      From my understanding, there is a pay-channel that will be broadcasting F1 races in English. Unfortunately, the still haven’t clearly relayed that information to many viewers. It’s truly an annoyance that we can do without. I wish Jazeera had control of the races still. I feel they are organized, considering how well they cover football. If I find any information, will update this post, so keep checking back from time to time.

  8. hasan jarmakani Says:

    This is what Vettel said after the race :

    “Obviously, I think if you look at the pictures it was clear I had the inside,” said Vettel. “I went on the inside, I was ahead and just going down to focus on the braking point and honestly, you can see we touched and he touched my right rear wheel and I went off.”

    He denied that the collision was going to put the intra-team relationships at Red Bull under strain.

    “There is no fight,” Vettel insisted. “This is something that happens. We do not need it but there is nothing we can do now.

    “Obviously I am not very happy, I was inside focusing on the braking point, we touched and that was it.”

    I personally think that Vettel should have kept his racing line as did Webber.
    clearly its Vettel’s fault.

    At the end of teh day, Red Bull lost teh battle.
    It’s a shame.

    Look at Maclaren Drivers professionalism and good sport when they battled. It was grwat.

  9. Amir Says:

    why Farrari renew Masa contract for 2011, while he didn’t show any progress.
    Beside there is Kubisca is a good choice.

    I’m sure it’s Webber fualt

  10. kais saab Says:

    how much liters the car spends when the speed become 360 km/h

  11. georges nahra Says:

    hello, i need to know if their any reply for the formula1 races after the race on sunday & tell me the date & time?

    best regards from Lebanon
    Good job to all & specially for abou dhabi sports team

    • el wehbi Says:

      Hi Georges,

      Unfortunately, Abu Dhabi Sport do not disclose their repeat timings for the races which is very annoying. I will try and find out and post them here if I do.

      Say hello to Lebanon for me!

  12. hmikail Says:

    Hi everyone,

    asking the same question everyone’s been asking…..any clue what time they’d be airing the valencia race again tonight? 4pm i’m still at work!

    • el wehbi Says:

      @hmikail: I’m trying to figure that out myself! They haven’t listed anything till date, but if I was you and you really want to watch the race, you can do 1 of 2 things:

      1) Stream it live during work hours from some random website online
      2) Get home and turn on the TV from around 1.5 hours after the race finishes, that way you miss any post-race commentary which may state the results. The repeat will eventually follow.

      NOTE: Please remember that the timings on my blog are GMT+3.

      If I do find anything about the repeat timings, will make sure to post them on the blog and my Twitter page. Cheers and hope you catch it!

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