Australian Minister calls Lewis Hamilton a “D#@khead”!

You have to love Australians! They started a safe-driving campaign named “Don’t be a Dickhead” to combat lousy drivers focused on their mobile phones instead of the road. If you recall, I posted a link the other day about Lewis Hamilton getting in trouble with Melbourne police officials during the Australian Grand Prix weekend. Why? Hamilton thought it would be funny to do burnouts for the crowd. The cops obviously didn’t laugh. And apparently, neither did the roads minister, Tim Pallas. How did he react to the Lewis Hamilton news? “He’s a dickhead.” Congrats Lewis!

[Video Source: Youtube]

[Source: BBC]

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2 Comments on “Australian Minister calls Lewis Hamilton a “D#@khead”!”

  1. Hamoud Says:


    He has been pretty cocky and full of himself this season.

    He even took the time to blame his own team over the radio for bringing him into the pits at the wrong time “Why Did U Guys Bring Me IN” during the Australian GP whilst he was stuck in traffic instead of concentrating on the race!!!!


  2. Marzouq Says:

    Hahahahah! Thats hilarious! Thats how government officials should act!

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