A 9-speed automatic?

If it isn’t confusing enough trying to figure out what gear you’re in while cruising the town with your 8-speed automatic gearbox (above), it could get a bit more agitating. Mercedes-Benz is said to be working on the introduction of a 9-speed automatic transmission which would offer all sorts of improvements in fuel economy and CO2 emissions. However, Mercedes engineers also go on to state that a 10-speed gearbox (or more) would not be “technically possible” in today’s automobile. Hallelujah!

[Source: Autocar]

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3 Comments on “A 9-speed automatic?”

  1. TheStig Says:

    wouldn’t that effect the weight of the car ?

    • el wehbi Says:

      Not necessarily. Take for example the current BMW M V10 engine which just ended production; it’s lighter than the V8 that it succeeded. The use of lighter materials and innovative designs means that they will manage to keep the weight down. At the end of the day, if the new transmission was to be heavier, it would directly affect the car’s fuel economy which is totally counter productive.

  2. Kuwaity Says:

    I think it is just unnecessary. I was in Toyota LS 460 and it was changing the 8 gears all the time, it doesn’t let the engine to breath!
    I think the 6 Speed is just fine, while the 7 speed in Porsche is just more than perfect (6 proper ratios and one overdrive).
    The new BMWs with 8 speed acts just like a proper 6 speed BMW and TWO over drive ratios!
    I mean it’s not a two stroke racing engine or a jet engine!
    The new engines are very torquey from low down to the top end with variable valves, intakes, exhausts, sequential turbos, compressors etc.

    That’s enough!

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