Us Arabs never learn

Arab supercar owners love London once summer rolls around! It’s sort of like birds migrating in winter. You get what I mean. These two Arab chaps thought it was OK to park their pair of exotica in a “no parking” zone. Smart move fellas!

[Source: GT Spirit]

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3 Comments on “Us Arabs never learn”

  1. TheStig Says:

    I guess those two babes belong to a Shiekh in Qatar. I Posted once about a Zonda Uno that was made for him, same color. i hated it.

    but it looks fine on the SV 😛

  2. Mathai Says:

    Yeah it could belong to that family, even the Zonda was the same color Yuck! 😦

  3. el wehbi Says:

    I dunno guys but seeing them together kinda makes them sweet looking. But I’ll have to agree that the SV is definitely the sweeter of the two.

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