A Glass of Water can help you reduce your fuel consumption… says Toyota

Toyota of Sweden have come up with a really cool way of helping drivers – theoretically – reduce their fuel consumption while driving.  “A Glass of Water” campaign encourages individuals to imagine a glass of water (duh!) placed on the dashboard while driving, being careful not to spill the H2O. For those of you that don’t have a sense of imagination, there’s an iPhone application, available for download, which is a virtual glass of water that measures “external forces and simulates the effect these have on a glass of water. While driving, it measures your speed, distance traveled and water spilled. The results are automatically uploaded to the website where you can analyze your results in more detail.”

Visit “A Glass of Water” to find out more.

[Source: A Glass of Water]

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3 Comments on “A Glass of Water can help you reduce your fuel consumption… says Toyota”

  1. Akbar Says:

    Well, if the drivers are as imaginative, they might end up looking at the glass than watching the road and after they ram into a light pole or a parked car, they will blame the imaginative glass as the reason for accident…

  2. Mathai Says:

    I’m sure I’ll end up with a wet spot on my jeans if I try this! 🙂

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