Rare Gemballa Enzo from Dubai spotted in Paris

Aaaaaah… summer. It’s migration season for supercars from the Middle East to the extravagant shores of Europe. These rarities have to beat the summer heat after all, right?

The Enzo-based Gemballa MIG-U1 is a very rare car. Considering the fact that Uwe Gemballa, founder of the tuning company, had strangely gone missing in Africa with his company facing insolvency, this could be one of the last cars ever to carry the Gemballa name.

One thing I don’t get about this owner: why keep the paper gas station floor mats when you’re showing the car off at the Four Seasons George V in Paris? Still, I must say that is one sweet ride!

[Source: Telkine via GT Spirit]

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4 Comments on “Rare Gemballa Enzo from Dubai spotted in Paris”

  1. Miss Good Egg Says:

    I never get why people migrate their cars to a whole different continent especially when they’re only there for a short vacation. Doesn’t that like cost thousands?

    • el wehbi Says:

      Two schools of thought on this:

      1) The enthusiast: driving your supercar on European roads is like nothing else; an experience not attainable in this part of the world due to the climate and available scenic roads.

      2) The showoff: cruising in London or other European cities gets you noticed and supposedly makes you cooler than others.

      I am definitely with the “enthusiast” batch!

  2. Miss Good Egg Says:

    lol yeah 1 sounds more reasonable than 2 😛

  3. TheStig Says:

    If you’re in the UK for 1 month only, and you want to rent a decent car. you’ll pay as much as shipping one of your exotics. if i were one of those guys. o would save the money, drive through mountains side ways. and show off if i got a chance 😛

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