Drivers beware! Your car could be hacked!

A group of researchers from Rutgers University and the University of South Carolina have just discovered something interesting, and personally speaking, frightening. Hackers can access cars’ electronic systems “wirelessly” by tapping into a car’s tire pressure monitoring system, whereby the researchers were able to track two different vehicles and even interfere with the signals. However, there is no real threat because the tire pressure monitoring system only communicates with a car’s ECU (electronic control unit) every 60 – 90 seconds, giving hackers little opportunity to inflict damage. Still, automakers should be following these research results more closely to ensure drivers are never in danger of being hacked!

[Source: Ars Technica via Autoblog]

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2 Comments on “Drivers beware! Your car could be hacked!”

  1. Khaled Says:

    Fear not, its a simple software fix… most simple RF signals can be hacked, its a matter of time before they start implementing cryptographic security on cars also, something as simple as bluetooth would work too.

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