F1 going back to the way things were? (w/poll)

Every year we’re treated to numerous changes, technical and sporting, by Formula 1. I guess that’s how the sport has been capable of remaining at the top of the motorsports food chain… continuously changing for the better.

But now it seems that in order for the sport to develop, it needs to take a few steps backwards. 20 years backwards! Changes to come are (refer to pics from the 1981 season and see if you find any similarities) the following:

  • Smaller front and rear wings will decrease speed, but overtaking will be fierce
  • Chunky tires to ensure cornering speeds are high, maintaining quick lap times
  • Less downforce created by the cars resulting in more overtaking
  • The underfloor of the cars will be shaped to generate downforce; first time since 1982
  • The average part of a lap where a driver is applying full throttle will be cut from 70% (2010) to 50% (2013); in line with F1’s promise to be kind to the environment

I’m a believer that the more basic the formula, the more exciting the racing will be.  So what do you think? Is F1 getting better with all these changes? Please vote after the jump.

[Source: BBC]

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2 Comments on “F1 going back to the way things were? (w/poll)”

  1. The Stig Says:

    The best era of formula one was with the V10.
    The sound was awesome and the drivers were the best, when shuwi used yo race Damon hill.. Agh those days are gone.

    I want to see more challenges, enough technology.. I want talent instead.

  2. el wehbi Says:

    The wailing sounds of those V10s were magical! I remember hearing them on the track at a race and I was in complete awe. My ears also went temporarily deaf lol

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