2011 Kuwait Concours d’Elegance will feed your car addiction!

I was invited to attend today’s press conference for the announcing of the 2011 Kuwait Concours d’Elegance event set to take place from the 2nd to the 6th of February. This year’s show is expected to be bigger and better than last year’s inaugural event. For starters, there will be no less than 50 cars on show – from all corners of the world and locally – at the Marina Mall & Crescent venues. Types of cars on display will be presidential / royal fleets, muscle cars, Italian autos, famed Hollywood cars (James Bond’s Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5 will be one of them – worth approx. $5 million), motorcycles, classic / vintage cars and more. Many auto-industry celebrities will also be flying in as judges and VIP guests.

As part of the ceremony, hosted at the Historical, Vintage & Classical Cars Museum, the event organizers unveiled one of the very special cars which will participate in this year’s show: this 1930 4½-liter “Blower” Bentley. It was such an honor to get up close and personal with a piece of automotive history, one that I’ve read a lot about since I was a child.

Blower Bentley race cars had massive Roots-type superchargers mounted outside the engine cover at the front (right over the license plate). The “Bentley Boys” were surely making a clear statement.

This particular car is production model number 17 out of 50 ever produced.

The Blower Bentley 4½-liter supercharged engine is known for claiming the land-speed record in 1932 with a speed of 222.03 km/h at the famous Brooklands circuit. That must have been one scary attempt!

The Museum

I thought I would include a few of the cars which are a part of the Historical, Vintage & Classic Cars Museum. This 1956 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I Drophead (above) belongs to the current Amir of Kuwait. Isn’t it beautiful?

Classic Jags are gorgeous to look at, but how about that De Tomaso right next to it?

Mercedes doesn’t build them like this anymore. This Mercedes 600 was always the car of choice for political leaders around the world.

One of the sexiest cars ever built: the Aston Martin DB5.

Classic Corvette in the timeless red & white color combination.

Ford Thunderbirds, like the one above, are truly one of man’s greatest design achievements.

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6 Comments on “2011 Kuwait Concours d’Elegance will feed your car addiction!”

  1. The Stig Says:

    I have been to the event last year, but it was raining all day long.
    And during my stay in Abu dhabi I had the honor to be a passenger in that Blower Bentley!

    So fast, A Super charger and 4 valve per cylinder. 1930’s!

  2. mathai Says:

    Wow that’s really a rare experience. Looking forward to the show in Kuwait

  3. ann Says:

    Can anyone visit d place. Is it open for common people too or any charges are being levied

    • el wehbi Says:

      Hi Ann, it will be open to the public and is free of charge. I definitely recommend making it out to the event to see some of these very rare pieces of history.

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