Raw + Porsche = Rawsche (w/video)

If all cars looked this good naked, then I want one! Meet the ‘Raw Porsche’. Victoria Bitter, an Australian brew company which produces a drink call the ‘VB Raw’, collaborated with designer Paul Begg and stripped a 1978 Porsche 911 to be given away to a lucky customer.

The exterior and interior design are both simple and elegant in their own right. The custom raw metal seats with leather cushions, which are my favorite, and the added touch of the 993 Porsche headlamps really give the the car its custom flair. Maintaining the retro theme, Begg installed 50/50 Hella tail-lights in the rear which were sourced from a Porsche 944.

Adding sound and racing pedigree to the Rawsche was done through the use of a GT3-style muffler, while matte black and polished alloy body panels truly add to the contrasting nature of this beast. It really is a work of art!

[Source: Porsche Blogs]

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