Remembering the 2011 Kuwait Concours d’Elegance: The one and only Lamborghini Miura Roadster (w/video)

The 2011 Kuwait Concours d’Elegance has come and gone, and left in its wake some wonderful memories forever cemented in my head. One that really stands out is this magnificent and eccentric car you’re looking at. It is indeed very special and very rare. How rare? Let’s just say it’s the only one in the world… numero 1 of 1.

This Lamborghini Miura Roadster was a one-off car built by Marcello Gandini and Bertone, introduced to the world at the 1968 Brussels Auto Salon. The only reason it never saw official production was due to concerns from Ferruccio Lamborghini that the roof was an integral part of the car and its structural rigidity. He also felt that without the roof, the Miura wouldn’t be a GT anymore because of how loud it would be for the passengers.

Apart from the removal of the roof, other modifications to the car included a larger air intake and spoiler, different taillights, and a roll-over hoop. To my surprise, when I viewed the car from the rear end, I realized for the first time that the engine was completely exposed.

White leather and red carpeting can transport you to the 1960s in no time! Some quick specs for you…

Engine: V12 – 350bhp – 272 lb-ft of torque – 5-speed manual gearbox
0-100km/h: 6.6 sec approx.
Top speed: 280km/h

The steering wheel is unique and ahead of its time, almost like it gave inspiration to the steering wheel in Lamborghini’s most recent concept car, the Sesto Elemento.

In the image above, you could see why Ferrucio Lamborghini was worried about the sound. The lovely V12 engine is out in the open for all to see. Wonderful stuff!

After the 1968 Brussels show, the car sat in the factory for quite some time until an American metal company purchased the car to showcase their products with it. They changed the exterior and interior colors; however, it was finally sold again to a collector who had it restored to the way Bertone and Lamborghini unveiled it. This was definitely a once in a lifetime chance to see this car in person… it’s giving me chills just thinking about it!

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3 Comments on “Remembering the 2011 Kuwait Concours d’Elegance: The one and only Lamborghini Miura Roadster (w/video)”

  1. The Stig Says:

    What a great car, One of the guys told me that this is one out of 3 cars ever built, but then Valentino Balboni assured me that this is the one and only.

  2. Wow I didn’t know that there was only one! Thats really interesting

    Btw I love your blog

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