Camel milk to power the region’s first supercar???

Yes, you read the title correctly. CAMEL MILK! This environmentally-friendly supercar is being developed as an engineering exercise in the UAE by a team of pan-Arab engineers.

Named after a famous racing camel (Lamborghini names its cars after famous bulls… why not camels for us?), the Dhabyan supercar concept utilizes a super-light carbon fiber tub with a rear-mounted 550bhp V8 engine which runs solely on camel milk. How fast?

350kph is a possibility according to its engineers. I would love to see this concept become a reality one day. What an achievement that would be!

[Source: CAR Middle East]

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11 Comments on “Camel milk to power the region’s first supercar???”

  1. Miss Good Egg Says:

    I didn’t get it. You mean bya7liboon b3eer and use its milk instead of normal gas to run the car?!

    • el wehbi Says:

      That’s it exactly. Don’t forget, this is an engineering exercise so nothing is guaranteed as far as outcome.

      According to the team behind the Dhabyan, they “discovered unique combustible characteristics in the potent natural milk and can be turned into an highly efficient output.”

      • Miss Good Egg Says:

        Looks like they just wanna take the credit for it without having compassion or consideration to Camel feelings.

  2. Marzouq Says:

    LooooL! I don’t think its going to production soon!

  3. X Says:

    mo hayen 7leb el nyag , next step = camel milk fueled rockets ;D

  4. el wehbi Says:

    @Marzouq: Probably not lol

    @X: Camels on the moon lol

  5. el wehbi Says:

    @Miss Good Egg: “Looks like they just wanna take the credit for it without having compassion or consideration to Camel feelings.”

    I honestly can’t see them pulling this off on a mass-production scale. It would be too expensive at this point, as we have seen with engines that use fuels derived from vegetable produce. The main reason I respect this project is because it shows the capability to think outside the box and try something completely new; something we don’t get a lot in the region, unfortunately.

    I too would also be worried about the camels; however, something like this could increase the livelihood of camel herders… not to say that I totally agree with it. Just playing the devil’s advocate here.

    • Miss Good Egg Says:

      You’re right not to mention it’s more environmentally friendly considering pollution but in the long run these resources could easily go extinct. Besides, vegetable oil gas or milk; do you really wanna wake up in the morning to hit the road with your windows down only to smell kitchens zooming across? No one would go to the gas station anymore and damn it smells good 😛

      What I don’t understand is why can’t people in this part of the world focus on Solar power instead of poor camels? We’re a civilization that should be thriving and excelling on all forms of Solar power in this part of the world. Solar and maybe dust too, who knows.

      • el wehbi Says:

        Solar power as a source of energy is something we should be focused on. Unfortunately, people will only tend to focus on the cost and currently photovoltaic panels are quite expensive and hard to maintain in the type of heat we have in the region. It’s not impossible, it’s just expensive. Then you begin to ask yourself: “we have all this excess money, so why not?”

  6. Camel milk? I’ve heard of vegetable oil but never camel milk! Very Arab of us to use camel milk

    I love your rationalization: “Lamborghini names its cars after famous bulls… why not camels for us?”

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