Iran takes a crack at solar power, but is the name original?

The University of Tehran has unveiled a solar-powered car named “Ghazal 2”, successor to a student-designed version named the “Ghazal 1”. Now, I’m not sure which came first, but the King Saud University students built an SUV named the Gazal-1 in 2010. Coincidence or is someone playing copy-cat?

The Ghazal 2 is made from carbon fiber keeping the car light on its toes at a mere 150kg. Along with efficient aerodynamics, the car’s able to achieve a maximum speed of 150km/h. On sunny days, the five-meter-long Ghazal 2 can travel up to 600km at an average speed of 75km/h. It’s also interesting to note that the program supervisor has asked the Iranian government to grant financial support for the team to compete in the 2011 World Solar Challenge in Australia (October). Let’s hope they do!

[Source: Tehran Times]

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2 Comments on “Iran takes a crack at solar power, but is the name original?”

  1. id Says:

    Very original of them, regarding the solar power race, now that would be the quietest race ever 🙂

  2. Mathai Says:

    I guess its ok since both are completely different models. Unless it turns into a situation like Ford suing Ferrari for naming their new F1 car F150 😀

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