Ferrari + America = Ferrari Superamerica 45

It must be nice to be super rich. So nice that Ferrari wouldn’t mind building you a one-off car through its Special Projects division. New York collector, Peter Kalikow, wanted to celebrate his 45 years (the reason the number is used in the name) as a Ferrari customer which led to him commissioning the company to design this unique ride.

The Superamerica 45 is finished in Blu Antille, a colour that matches another rare car in Kalikow’s collection – a 1961 400 Superamerica cabriolet. The wheels are finished in the same blue color with a contrasting shine to the spokes. The roof, front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser are made from carbon-fiber and painted in a darker blue color. The Ferrari Superamerica 45 also features a unique chrome front grille and burnished aluminium A-pillars, side mirrors and door handles.

The interior uses the same dark blue color theme which features a dark blue carbon-fiber dash trim. Draped in Cuoio leather trim and Blu Scuro carbon fiber details, I’m pretty sure Mr. Kalikow will not be disappointed at all if he decides to go for long drives.

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12 Comments on “Ferrari + America = Ferrari Superamerica 45”

  1. Shafchenzo Says:

    So is this a 599 SA ?

  2. el wehbi Says:

    It’s extremely similar, that’s for sure. However, the SA did not have a roof whatsoever. Also, if you look at the side moldings, vents and scoops, you’ll actually find that the cars are quite different. Plus, you’ll find that the Superamerica 45 uses a ton of carbon fiber elements.

    Obviously, they’re both based on the 599, but there are enough exterior and interior touches to call the Superamerica 45 a one-off model. I’ve posted a link below to an older post so you can compare the 599 SA to it.

  3. Marzouq Says:

    That is one lovely looking machine! I can’t wait to see the new iteration of the 599! I’m assuming its going to be a beast and very cutting edge!

  4. Bol3ethem Says:

    Rich PPL !!! they always buy the good stuff an keep it hidden !!
    not all

  5. el wehbi Says:

    @Marzouq: The next 599 (or whatever designation they give it) will be a monster, for sure. How else would they be able to one-up the current version.

    @Bol3ethem: Khayfeen min il 3ayn lol Great pics in your Flickr account man! Keep it up!

  6. Miss Good Egg Says:

    I want 😦 My BDay is only 2 months from now. You don’t turn 30 everyday. Many thanks in advance 😀

  7. id Says:

    My B-day is 2 weeks from now and true you only turn 30 once :). I would like it in GT Metallic Silver with natural brown leather interior.

  8. el wehbi Says:

    Happy Bday in advance to the both of you 🙂 However, I regret to inform you that none of you will be receiving this particular gift from Brake Banzeen. I hope you continue to read my blog anyways 😉 Maybe Brake Banzeen can be your birthday gifts… the gift that keeps giving 😉

  9. Miss Good Egg Says:

    That sucks! I can write a thank you note or even doodle an Egg Treat about Banzeen Brake.

    Still no? :]

  10. Mathai Says:

    Must be nice to have a custom Ferrari. Although I would disagree with the Ferrari station wagon that a certain customer once ordered 😛

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