A 7-speed manual gearbox?

The car industry currently offers seven and eight-speed automatic transmissions, with ZF’s 9-speed auto nearing production. However, the industry maximum for manual transmissions are 6-speed gearboxes… until now. The 7-speed manual is Porsche’s latest innovation, apparently making its way into the next-gen 911 Carrera. What’s the benefit?

Adding the extra gear, which acts as an overdrive, would help boost fuel economy and reduce engine noise. The other benefit is we won’t be seeing the demise of the manual gearbox, since current automatics are more fuel efficient.

Will it confuse things? Probably not. Chances are the only time you would reach 7th gear would be while cruising or on a long-stretch of highway; not while racing on a track. I’m sure people reacted cautiously when the 6-speed manual was first introduced. What harm could come from an extra gear, right?

[Source: Car & Driver]

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5 Comments on “A 7-speed manual gearbox?”

  1. Miss Good Egg Says:

    Why would they wanna reduce the engine noise? The rumble is nice.

  2. Marzouq Says:

    I’m surprised it took this long to introduce it! I just hope that BMW take this to mind and introduce it to the M line of vehicles!

  3. el wehbi Says:

    @Miss Good Egg: I agree with that, but I think they meant more of the harsh engine sounds and vibration, thankfully.

    @Marzouq: I hope so as well, instead of opting for solely offering dual-clutch transmissions.

  4. Mathai Says:

    When it comes to gears and BHP I’d say the more the merrier 😀
    but if you’re talking about more than 6 speeds I’d be happy with the paddle shift rather than stick shift 😀

  5. 6are8 Says:

    i love you Porsche, and no i’m not biased >:/

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