Video: When an F1 car is used as a hurdle

UPDATE: Turns out that the “crazed F1 fan” was actually an official marshall for the charity event, so there may have been some miscommunication at some point. Still, does he make it or not?

Japan is home to some of the craziest F1 fans in the world! This video simply proves it. A man attempted to jump over Sebastian Buemi’s moving Red Bull Formula 1 car at a Red Bull event in Japan. Buemi was luckily driving at a very low 40km/h (approximate) when the fan went for glory. Hit the jump to see if his attempt was successful or not.

Thanks for the tip Hassan!

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3 Comments on “Video: When an F1 car is used as a hurdle”

  1. Miss Good Egg Says:

    He landed on the driver’s head. He was thinking “Weeeeeee… Mario Sunshine! Jump over toads and Kuppas… ITIZ MEEE MAAARIOOO- *CRASH*”

  2. Mathai Says:

    Me must have been playing too much Mario! 😀

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