Lotus planning a “Superleggera” version of the next Esprit?

According to reports, Lotus is already planning a lightweight version 
of its upcoming Esprit supercar. The Esprit “Superleggera” would be an evolution of the car, slotting in as the fourth model of the Esprit range with coupé, convertible and glass-roofed Targa versions planned for production.

The Superleggera would run a beefed-up version of the normal Esprit’s 4.8-litre V8 engine. The engine would generate 612bhp in comparison to the standard unit’s 562bhp. The Superleggera has 0-100km/h time projections of less than three seconds, with a top speed of 340km/h. Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but if Lotus want to compete with the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini, a lightweight version of the Esprit only seems logical.

[Source: Auto Express]



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5 Comments on “Lotus planning a “Superleggera” version of the next Esprit?”

  1. Hamoud Says:

    I’m suprised Lamborghini don’t have a patent on that…

    • el wehbi Says:

      I don’t think Lotus will be using that particular term… they will want to distinguish their products from the already-established “Superleggera” name. I think it’s just a term loosely being thrown around by various sources.

  2. bu z Says:

    is it me or does it look some what like the Avantador?

    • el wehbi Says:

      Your observation is quite valid.

      The sharp edges do carry elements from the Reventon it seems (only reason I say Reventon is because this car was designed before the Aventador was unveiled; the Aventador took a lot of inspiration from the Reventon as well).

      I’m a bit skeptical over the design direction they have chosen at this point, but I’m sure when the car is officially unveiled, it will be a beauty to look at.

  3. Mathai Says:

    Lotus looks to be trying hard to get back in to the game. The past few years they were just playing around with the Elise and Exige variants but this Esprit sounds serious.

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