Time we switch to LED?

With dusty weather quickly – and unfortunately – becoming a reoccuring and almost daily issue, it may be the right time for our governments to start investing in LED (light emitting diode) traffic signal technology. I was just in Europe and realized that many of the cities are already putting LEDs to use simply because they’re safer and more efficient.

LED signals focus light stronger than the standard bulb-based units, making them easier to spot from far distances, even in bad weather conditions. There would be no excuse for someone to say they didn’t see it, an excuse which I’m sure local police have to deal with a lot.

They’re also a lot more efficient, reducing energy costs at the same time. The current units use incandescent light bulbs which require regular maintenance. LED lights last longer, even in harsher weather climates. It’s estimated that LED signals have a lifespan of five to ten years (the standard bulb units last one to two years).

Any thoughts?

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7 Comments on “Time we switch to LED?”

  1. Kuwaitiful Says:

    Saudi Arabia have implemented LED traffic lights so many years ago. I wish Kuwait would do the same.

  2. Miss Good Egg Says:

    No doubt they’re clearer but I bet people will smash into them with their cars as soon as they’re installed and then since they’re more expensive they won’t fix them and we’ll end up with a3midat LED traffic light 3ooyan. I suggest we fix the pavements first. It’s like constant earthquake on them.

  3. el wehbi Says:

    @Kuwaitiful: Didn’t know Saudi had them already. I’ve only been once and I guess I didn’t pay attention to them.

    @Miss Good Egg: Everything seems to need fixing these days.

  4. Chuknum Says:

    I wish they change it to LED. If we have the choice, I’d suggest implementing the same ones from istanbul.
    I posted about it a few days ago.

    • el wehbi Says:

      I checked out the ones on your blog the other day and I really liked them. Might be a bit complicated implementing them in Kuwait since the top-half of the signal is “open canvas” for displaying different types of information such as numbers, arrows, etc. This would mean the government would need a management system and personnel to operate the signals, I would assume.

      We should definitely convert to LEDs though, even if they’re the normal-design singals in my opinion. Thanks Chuknum!

  5. Mathai Says:

    Along with LEDs I hope they also implement a countdown timer that shows the seconds left for each signal. I’ve seen this system in use in Bangalore, India.

    • el wehbi Says:

      I saw the countdown timer in Bahrain (if I’m not mistaken) and I loved it… then I thought about it being used in Kuwait… it would be used as a countdown signal for drag racing lol

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