Video: Arabs at it again in London!

Summer time…

The season many rare and exotic Arab machines migrate to the narrow and well-policed roads of London. The reason I mention “well-policed” is because even the sight of a rare Bugatti Veyron will not deter the watchful eye of a city official from realizing that the law is being violated. Hit the jump to watch the video and see what I mean.

[Source: Youtube]

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5 Comments on “Video: Arabs at it again in London!”

  1. Kuwaitiful Says:

    I’m glad they got tickets, they are deserved. But the sad part about the story is someone owning such a car sees a ticket the price of chewing gum.

  2. id Says:

    No Arab is ever above the law in a Civilized Country 🙂

  3. el wehbi Says:

    @Kuwaitiful: Unfortunately, you are quite right. I don’t think they care about the ticket prices. I just think these guys need to realize that they represent us in a bad light sometimes and it’s not necessarily cool to do the things they do in a country where it isn’t tolerated. On top of all that, it’s documented by individuals and then plastered all over the web (i.e. Youtube, Vimeo)

    @id: I would love to think so lol

  4. Mathai Says:

    I’ve heard from people in UK that is is common in summer time and many visitors park their exotics in illegal places in the high class shopping areas in London.

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