Video: London police fine Arab supercars in bulk!

Just a few days ago, I posted about a Bugatti Veyron being fined in London… obviously, belonging to an Arab. So it’s no surprise to have gotten a video link from one of my readers showcasing a number of Arab supercars being fined by London police. Wow, Londoners must get annoyed when summer rolls around!

Thanks for the tip Syd77!

[Source: Youtube]

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5 Comments on “Video: London police fine Arab supercars in bulk!”

  1. […] Brake Banzeen just posted a video showing a bunch of cars from the Gulf being ticketed in London. I spotted three cars with Kuwaiti plates but it’s not clear in the video why they were being stopped by the cops. According to the Small World news service, residents in the area having been complaining that some drivers are turning the streets into private race tracks. They also reported other problems with some cars not being insured properly as well as license plates that weren’t legible. So the video above might just be the cops checking on these things. You can read the Small World article by clicking [Here] Jul 10, 2011 […]

  2. Mathai Says:

    I wonder when we’ll see Nissan pickups and Datsuns Z280s with gulf plates there 😛

  3. Chuknum Says:

    Its people like this that give arabs a bad name, and further increase the stereotype that gives us such a bad reputation.

  4. Madwolfq8 Says:

    Mathai the Nissan Z and skyline owners did it way before these super cars 🙂 search youtube for اشتراكية

    and they don’t do the stupid things that the super cars owners do

  5. il pazzo Says:

    i hope they burn their cars in front of those pieces of garbage so they learn a little respect since their parents didn’t teach them to follow the rules

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