The real rockstars are always the Singers!

Most modern-day recreations of classic cars are usually a let down. Thankfully, the one I’m going to chatter about isn’t one of those. If you think the picture you’re drooling over is one of original Porsche 911s, you’re severely mistaken!

Singer Vehicle Design made a splash when they first announced that they had stripped 1990-1994 era 964-platformed 911s of most of the old mechanicals and brought in newer Porsche bits for duty. It was an instant cult classic!

Still, talk was going around that Singer was a one-hit wonder, creating their masterpiece and slowly riding off into the sunset. Not just yet! Singer has officially announced that they’re teaming up with Cosworth (the famous engine builder known for catering to Formula 1) to supply the power plants for their ever-so-sexy recreation.

The Singer 911 wouldn’t be a proper tribute without the use of air-cooled flat-six engines. So this is where the Cosworth partnership comes into play. Three engines will be available: a Touring 3.6-liter engine producing 300hp; a Sport 3.9-liter engine producing 380hp; and last but not least, a Cup engine in either 3.9 or 4.0-liter guise producing more than 425hp.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Singer has also partnered with the Aria Group, a firm which specializes in engineering, design, product development and prototype fabrication services to industries such as automotive, aerospace, and military. The partnership is set to bring high-tech methods of construction and other applications to benefit the brand’s models.

The interior is like a happiness drug… be warned, an overdose is likely! Little details such as the screaming face in the red RPM gauge, the retro Heuer clock, beautifully crafted carbon fiber and the 4-point old-school steering wheel just make your cheeks hurt from the constant smiles they bring.

Now for the part that hurts: the Singer 911 is expected to be priced between the $190,000 and $300,000 dollar range depending on the engine specs, etc. Start saving if there’s even a remote chance you can afford one… history doesn’t repeat itself often, and even if it does, it isn’t this good!

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One Comment on “The real rockstars are always the Singers!”

  1. Mathai Says:

    Some purists were pissed off when Porsche switched to water cooled engines. They should be happy now 🙂

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