Production of the new Lancia Stratos is a no go!

After the much-hyped launch of the one-off Lancia Stratos (built for a wealthy customer by Pininfarina using a Ferrari F430 as a base), many wondered if it would ever make limited production. Then a report came out that Ferrari was blocking production by not allowing Pininfarina use of the required Ferrari components.

In response to the report, both companies have released official statements.


“Ferrari is not involved in any way. The project was presented to us a year ago as a one-off model for personal use by Stoschek. At the time, we clarified that we were not interested in the idea of producing more models. Consequently, Ferrari is not involved in this project in any way.”


“Pininfarina has no part in the presumed production of a limited series of the new Stratos. We built the first one-off for our client Michael Stoschek but this technical support doesn’t create any further obligation to widen the collaboration to more consistent production figures. We are happy to have contributed to the realization of Mr. Stoschek’s dream, producing a vehicle that has experienced an enormous response and has deserved to be appreciated by the international press.”

What Brake Banzeen believes

It’s no surprise that Ferrari wants to have no part in a limited production run of a car with a legendary name which could be compared to its 458 Italia. Pininfarina, on the other hand, would have loved to see the Stratos enter a limited production run; more money and exposure for them.

I do believe that they both started the project with no desire of pursuing a limited production run; however, it’s extremely possible that after all the positive press the Lancia received, Pininfarina may have entertained the idea of producing the car for a few more prospective buyers.

I think Ferrari forced Pininfarina to make this statement and end any talk about the potential of a the Lancia being produced. From a business standpoint, I can’t blame Ferrari.

From a car-nut’s point of view, I’m depressed!

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5 Comments on “Production of the new Lancia Stratos is a no go!”

  1. id Says:

    such a shame! great car + design! would have loved to see it in a rally, or maybe GT series 🙂

    • el wehbi Says:

      I totally agree! It was great to see the Stratos recreated. Truth is, whether it was going to be only 1 or 60 cars produced would make it quite a rare sight; chances are we wouldn’t even see one in real life.

  2. Chuknum Says:

    a no go for its front, a go go for the back of the car 🙂

  3. Mathai Says:

    Don’t worry guys. There’s a kit car company in the UK that sells replicas. They were featured in an episode of Top Gear but reliability was an issue. Here is an example

    • el wehbi Says:

      Not sure if the replica is my cup of tea, but to each his own.

      Wish I could get my hands on an original one though… what a car!

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