Cause that’s just the way Ghaddafi wants Libya to roll

Colonel Gaddafi of Libya isn’t your run-of-the-mill bloke. His way of thinking leaves most of us, if not all of us, completely bewildered by his sense of (or lack thereof) logic. That won’t change with what he has claimed is “one of the safest cars in the world”.

Called “The Rocket of the People” (صاروخ الجماهيرية), this 4-door – comes with seating for five individuals. It’s equipped with air bags and a collapsible bumper system in case of collisions. Some reports were even saying that it has some sort of “electronic defense system”, whatever the hell that means.

Using a 230bhp V6 engine, I’d assume this car will have a hard time keeping up with its speedy design theme; its front and rear-end is designed to resemble a rocket (sheesh).

Apparently, this car was set for production a few years ago but the project got put on hold. Then they were supposedly going to enter production this year, but obviously, the political instability has delayed any plans of that happening.

Will it ever make it into production? Do you even want it to?

[Source: Otorider, Yahoo! Maktoob]

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3 Comments on “Cause that’s just the way Ghaddafi wants Libya to roll”

  1. Miss Good Egg Says:

    Yuck. The front lights look creepy. I don’t wanna stand near that thing at night.

  2. Hamoud Says:

    In true Gaddafi style..

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