Uh oh! Mr. Bean crashes his McLaren F1 *UPDATED

Update: Hit the jump to see a picture of the crash.

Rowan Atkinson, a.k.a. Mr. Bean, is an avid car collecter. He recently appeared on Top Gear talking about his passion for cars and his admiration for his McLaren F1.

Unfortunately, the “Bean” has just crashed his very rare McLaren F1 in the UK. The accident happened when he lost control, hit a tree and lamppost resulting in the McLaren F1 catching fire.

He ended up spending the night in a hospital but has luckily sustained no serious injuries.

[Source: Octane]

[Image Source: Piston Heads]

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5 Comments on “Uh oh! Mr. Bean crashes his McLaren F1 *UPDATED”

  1. Oh shit, do you think he got over confident after being the fastest celebrity lap on top gear??

    Or like what they say in Kuwait:

    عطوه عين عقب الحلقة هاهاها

    • el wehbi Says:

      Haha, probably man!

      • Miss Good Egg Says:

        I don’t like McLarens. Watched a documentary recently about how unreliable they are. Poor Sayid Bean. I bet he was too busy looking at himself in the rear mirror going, “The name is BOND…” and then CRASH!

  2. X Says:

    Miss Good Egg. there is no such thing as a reliable super sport car.. unless its the Honda NSX :p

  3. spdlmtna Says:

    @#!@*(#@*(#!!!! Ugh!

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