Dubai cracking down on naughty VIPs

We all know that VIPs get away with a lot when it comes to traffic violations, unpaid tickets and things of the sort. I was actually quite surprised (and proud) to read that in Dubai, they are cracking down on this very thing.

According to police reports, over 7,000 traffic violations were committed by Dubai VIPs in the first half of 2011. Dubai’s police Commander General – Dahi Khalfan Tamim – paid Dh3,000 in fines for traffic violations. His deputy, Major General Khamis Mata Al Muzainah also paid Dh1,600 fines. Acting Director of traffic police – Lt Colonel Saif Al Mazroui’s car was impounded for running red lights. An unnamed minister’s vehicle exceeded the 24-blackpoint limit, forcing him to report to the police department.

Whether this is a PR ploy or not, I definitely respect the level of transparency the Dubai police have shown with this initiative. It’s nice to see that even the police are implementing it on themselves and being honest about it at the same time. All other regional police departments should follow suit. But will they?

[Source: Emirates 24/7 via Zawya]

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4 Comments on “Dubai cracking down on naughty VIPs”

  1. Marzouq Says:

    I highly doubt they are hitting all the high people! In Kuwait they don’t know how to fairly apply laws across the board! Even giving out fake fines to build up their quota at this point!

  2. ahjdn Says:

    Kuwait is cracking down on traffic recently.
    I’ve seen police chase and stop cars (VIPs or not) who are speeding on the highways- now whether VIPs are getting fined I cannot say, but its a good start!

  3. el wehbi Says:

    @Marzouq: It depends on how high up we’re talking I’m sure… but as you can see from the article, some pretty high police officials had their names listed along with their respective fines. As I mentioned, I’m not sure how much of it is a PR stunt, but still, it’s quite respectable.

    @ahjdn: I definitely applaud Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior for their recent crackdown on speeding (and other violations). Again, how many of them are actual VIPs I cannot say until the MOI follows Dubai’s footsteps and issues an actual report. Still, I totally agree that it’s a good start!

  4. Mathai Says:

    Publishing names and fines is indeed a very nice move but as you guys said it could also be a publicity stunt. 😉

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