Which modern Ferrari would have made Enzo proud?

Enzo Anselmo Ferrari died on the 14th of August in 1988 at the age of 90, exactly 23 years ago from today. Known as “il Commendatore”, Enzo was not an easy man to please. That’s probably why he was able to instill so much of his passion into the production of his Ferrari road and race cars.

In the past 23 years, Ferrari have produced many brilliant machines. But which do you think would have made Enzo most proud? Hit the jump to see my choice.

The F355

This car catapulted Ferrari into the mainstream. Beauty, speed, a higher degree of durability and better build quality were all wrapped up into this small mid-engined package. Now, I know that many of you must be thinking I’m crazy for not choosing the Enzo super car or the 458 Italia. The fact is that the F355 transformed Ferrari in the eyes of many and took the business in a whole new direction.

Which Ferrari model (post-1988) do you think would have made Enzo most proud?

[Image Source: Motor Trend]

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11 Comments on “Which modern Ferrari would have made Enzo proud?”

  1. Mathai Says:

    I have to agree with you. Back in my school days I was waiting first in line at the movies for Golden-Eye JUST to see the F355 and the Z3. My friends thought I was crazy coz they were more interested in the Bond girls. I guess a motorhead is always crazy eh? 😀

  2. When I started reading the beginning of your post, my mind was set on the F355 as well, I just wanted to finish the post to answer that question.. Now I don’t have to, I couldn’t have said it better really.. I think the later Ferraris as great as they are wouldn’t have cut it for Mr. Enzo to be honest, the beauty of the lines of Ferrari were expressed at most in the F355, then things just went nuts from there on, the very space futuristic look was included that didn’t keep the same identity of the car like the F355 did..

  3. The Stig Says:

    I Totally agree, Every modern Ferrari owner loves the 355. I love it too. Actually it is the begging of the modern small real Ferraris after the 348.

    But I still love the 550 Maranello, Its a true GT car with a V12 and won the best handling car in 1996 and many other prizes

  4. id Says:

    F355 & F40 hands down! I still regret selling the F355 😦

  5. el wehbi Says:

    @Mathai: you are crazy… just like the rest of us!

    @Kuwaiti Boys Toys: Things definitely changed after the F355’s production run ended. I’d love to see how a new version would look if they were to try it again today.

    @The Stig: The 550 Maranello was also amazing! Loved the front end of that car.

    @id: Agreed… that car should have never been sold 😦 Problem is trying to find a clean example locally; they’re usually thrashed.

  6. Porsche Guy Says:

    i think that the F40 the most iconic of all Ferraris built around that time.. i know that production started in 1987, but it continued until 1992..
    the F40 screams Ferrari in every way possible, it was the start of the 200+MPH supercars era, and personaly i think it is one of the most beautiful cars to look at..
    don’t get me wrong here.. the F355 is beautiful, with clean lines that showed shift in the design of Ferraris.. but still not as Iconic as the Great F40

  7. Hamoud Says:

    355 Challenge

  8. el wehbi Says:

    @Porsche Guy: Extremely well put and I couldn’t agree more about the F40’s iconic status. Enzo commissioned the car at the age of 90, and sadly it would be his last… showcasing what Ferrari was capable of. I definitely would have chosen it had it been developed and produced after his death.

    @Hamoud: So I guess we sort of agree? 😉

  9. X Says:

    THE NSX 😛 < i hope u get it :p

  10. X Says:

    but to be honest , I never liked any Ferraris beside the F40 and the Testarossa .

  11. el wehbi Says:

    @X: I do get it lol… and yes, the NSX was very impressive!

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