Video: Porsche educates us on its first ever 7-speed manual gearbox

Updated: thanks yousefq8!

When I first heard that Porsche was potentially working on a 7-speed manual transmission for its new 911, I was ecstatic. In a time when most companies have sadly chosen to axe self-shifting gearboxes from their options lists, Porsche thought outside the box and figured out a way to save the manual (pictured above) for all enthusiasts. Long live the manual!

Still, not a great deal of info has been out about the new transmission (they’re probably waiting for the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month), but now Porsche released a video briefly touching up on the benefits of its new 7-speed shifter. Watch it after the jump.

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11 Comments on “Video: Porsche educates us on its first ever 7-speed manual gearbox”

  1. miles Says:

    Wow great post Please check out my blog at Milesnm

  2. yousefq8 Says:

    First ever? Oh no no no my friend! There are transmissions with wayyyyyyyyyyy more gears than 6 or 7, such as trucks which can have up to 23 gears.

    First on a production porsche? Yeah, but not first ever.

  3. The Stig Says:

    I love how Porsche thinks toward the future, and how they still cherish the driving pleasure.

    I would still buy a manual to support them and make sure we still have manual cars for the next 20 years.

    although PDK is great, and faster than any professional manual gear driver.

  4. el wehbi Says:

    @miles: Thanks!

    @yousefq8: You are absolutely right… I should have worded it as “its first” and not “the first”… will change that to make sure there isn’t any confusion for other readers. I actually tried to drive a truck with 12 gears once; strange experience!

    @The Stig: I would totally do the same and purchase a manual if I was in the market for a 911. Not so sure people will buy many 7-speed versions in the region though :s

  5. Mathai Says:

    Nice video! I drove my friend’s Passat CC with the double clutch option and the gear changes were lightning quick! Can’t even imagine how the PDK will shift 🙂

  6. el wehbi Says:

    @miles: Thumbs up!

    @Mathai: I’m sure the PDK unit is awesome, but nothing feels as good as rowing your own gears!

  7. PDK my K.. Manual all the way

  8. Marzouq Says:

    I’m curious how much faster these machines are with 7 speed! I love that its a 7 speed manual!

    • el wehbi Says:

      To my understanding, it’s not necessarily any faster because of the 7-speed gearbox; the 7th gear purely acts as an overdrive function aiding with better fuel economy, lower RPMs, etc.

      I’m sure that overall, the new 911 will be a better performer than the model it replaces.

    • Kuwaity Says:

      In acceleration it might be faster (closer ratios), but not necessarily faster in a straight line.

      I’ve got a Passat with a VR6 engine, 4 Motion and 6-Speed DSG. The top speed (260km/h) is reached in the 5th with the rev counter almost hitting the red line, in 6th gear I can only do 230km/h.

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