AMG and Ducati’s lovechild

The beast you’re looking at is the product of a little lovin’ between Ducati and AMG (known for making bad-ass Mercedes machines). The Ducati Diavel AMG Special Edition features an AMG-style sport exhaust system, unique AMG inspired 5-spoke wheels painted in black, carbon fiber bits, aluminium trim, and Alcantara upholstery.

Because this bike is special, each engine technician has their name engraved on the left-side of the engine casing. Each bike will also come with a numbered plaque on the fuel tank.

The details don’t stop there. The Diavel AMG Special Edition is covered in a matte black carbon fiber body contrasted with AMG’s famous “Diamond White Bright” paint. The wheels, seat and exhaust are all AMG branded. The Special Edition’s first appearance will be at this month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, but I can guarantee that it’s already getting rave reviews!

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6 Comments on “AMG and Ducati’s lovechild”

  1. 3abood Says:

    narrrrr yabila isawooon sayara

  2. Mathai Says:

    There’s a guy here who’s got a Diavel and an M6 *wink wink*
    I wonder what child will be born out of that union, lol! 😀

  3. Miss Good Egg Says:

    Kinda looks like a Harley except for the wheels!

  4. el wehbi Says:

    @3abood: I know, you’re sooooo right!

    @Mathai: I know this guy you speak of *wink wink*… it’s too bad he doesn’t bring these toys out often for us to see 😉

    @Miss Good Egg: Looks like a very modern version of a Harley, although way more refined and tightly built. Sort of like what a Harley Davidson would look like if it was designed by a European hehe

  5. Marzouq Says:

    It will be cooling off soon and I hope to bring them out! 😉 In a very interesting way! hehehe

    That is one very lovely lovely machine!

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